Our Promise to you

It is, we will communicate proactively with you at least once a week. We will close on time, every time and meet your commitment date on time. We will provide a detailed face to face appointment to go over all of your needs to help you get the best loan structure for you.

About Us

Our Mission

To radically improve the lives of our clients and referral partners by providing exceptional customer service. We define great customer service by finding out what our clients need from us, and over delivering that expectation. We are committed to closing on time, every time and over communicating to create a WOW experience

Our Core Values



Matt Vance

Sales Manager (603) 637-4110 NMLS# 21570

Matt is your main point of contact. He will work with you to assist you in accomplishing your main goals in structuring your financing to buy your home. He will meet with you to help you have a smooth process and also be there to celebrate your closing.

Susan Ring

Operations Manager

Susan is here to help oversee and manage the pipeline. She helps that we stay ahead of any dates. She works closely with sales and underwriting to make sure that all commitment and closing dates are met.

Ben Babcock

Production Manager

Once you find a home Ben will help kick off your application. He will send you loan disclosures, order title, your appraisal, and check all of the initial documents we have gathered from you since the process started. If any additional documents or updates are needed, he will let you know.

Paula Fontaine

Loan Processor

Once we have an application and receive back signed disclosures, your file moves to Paula. She will work with you to help see that your file is ready for an underwriter to review and approve. If there are any outstanding conditions needed prior to close, Paula will work with you to address those and help you close on time.

Stefanie Couture

Loan Officer Assistant

Stefanie is here to make sure that all incoming calls are answered, and we strive to return all calls within 2 hours. She will take the initial application and set a time to meet Matt in person or for a phone appointment. She also is here to help make sure that all new leads are followed up with and team marketing.

Shawna Hanley

Loan Officer Assistant

Shawna is here to help once we have your application, to get you fully approved. She works with you to ensure that your file is structured, and all of your documents are handled in a seamless fashion. Her biggest priority is making sure that you are a Raving Fan at the end of the process.


Want to know the value of your home?

Get Educated

Click the tab below to help understand the basics of home loans.


Simply refers to a loan not insured by the government. These loans typically conform to the standards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Conventional loans require as little as 3% down and have a wide variety of different options that we can discuss to custom tailor your needs.


Government insured mortgages that require as little as 3.5% and flexible underwriting requirements.


Loan programs to help our Veterans. These loans require no money down, and do not have monthly PMI.


Great option for people purchasing homes in less densely populated areas. They require NO money down.


For loan amounts above $424,100.

Renovation loans*:

A solid option for people who are purchasing homes that need updating or fixer uppers.

*Not all customers will qualify.

Fixed Rate
1st and second mortgage combos

Each loan program and every borrower is different and the documentation requirements may vary. Once you start looking for a home, try to keep these documents accessible as we will need updates once you find a home and go under contract.

Typical requirements:
- 2 most recent paystubs
- A copy of your W-2’s for the past 2 years
- 2 most recent complete bank and investment account statements, even the blank pages
- Copy ID’s

For self-employed buyers and for people who own investment property or a 2nd home additional documents typically include:
- Mortgage statements of all property owned
- Most recent 2 years complete federal tax returns
- A copy of K-1 forms

What not to do:
- Don't lie on your loan application
- Don't skip any payments, continue paying everything on time
- Don't open any new accounts, or use credit cards more than usual
- Don't cosign a loan for anyone
- Don't pay off your debts, consolidate debt, or close any accounts
- Don't quit your job or change jobs
- Don't dispute anything on your credit report
- Don't throw away bank statements or pay stubs
- Don't transfer money between accounts or open new accounts
- Don't ignore any lender requests


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